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Your Expo Experience Awaits

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They say good things come to those who wait. Well, the entire world waited… and now, the event of a lifetime is finally here! After being apart for more than a year, Expo 2020 Dubai is now open, ready to welcome and connect people, cultures and histories from all over the world to inspire an extraordinary future for all of us.

The spectacular event is set to become the world’s most popular address for 182 days, bringing together 192 nations and an estimated 25 million visitors. If we could only give you one piece of advice, it would be to make sure you’re one of those 25 million.


What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

Expo 2020 Dubai is the Universal Exhibition held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from the 1st of October 2021 until the 31st of March 2022. The global mega-event is a celebration of different cultures, creativity, innovation and sustainability, with the aim to reimagine a brighter future for us and our planet.

Covering an area of over 816 football fields and boasting 192 country pavilions on top of countless other attractions and events, planning your first visit might be a little over-whelming. Luckily, our experts have put together the top must-try experiences you should add to your Expo list regardless of if you’re visiting for a day or planning to make the most of each day left of the mega event.

Read on to get our insider tips on getting the best of the out-of-this-world experience.

The Ultimate Expo Experience List

Whether you’re in Dubai solely to visit Expo, or you just happen to be here during those extraordinary 182 days, you simply must obtain the official Expo 2020 Dubai passport (and get at least a few stamps in it).

With something for everyone, the world is truly your oyster when visiting the colossal event, but there are some experiences that are just too good to miss. Make sure you save this list for your next visit!

  • Visit the World Souq, displaying a wide selection of ethically sourced crafts and products from all over the world.
  • Enjoy a ride towards the clouds while strolling between trees, as you visit the beautiful Garden in the Sky. Don't forget to snap pics of the venue from the upper deck at 55 metres.
  • If you've dreamt of going on a mouth-watering culinary adventure around the world, Expo is the spot! Make your way through the site, savouring foods at different country pavilions and countless on-site restaurants. 
  • Sing in the solar-powered indoor rainfall at the Netherlands Pavilion and discover a miniature world of its own, where an integrated climate system harvests water, food and energy via state-of-the-art innovations. You'll even get to explore some vertical farmlands.
  • Looking to cool off? Head to the Brazil Pavilion and take a walk through a waterfall as you immerse yourself in the calming sounds, smells and sights. You'll come out refreshed and ready to keep the adventure going.
  • Admire the impeccable architecture at every step as you make your way through the amazing site and unique pavilions. You're guaranteed to be collecting your jaw from the ground once you witness the magnificent Al Wasl Plaza in the dark so make sure to stay until the evening hours.
  • Discover your influence and power to do your part in building a better future for everyone at the Opportunity Pavilion’s Mission Possible.
  • Get your exercise in as you hike through the Switzerland Pavilion and emerge from a sea of fog… indoors!
  • Explore the rainforest adventure at the Singapore Pavilion, whilst admiring garden cones stretching up to 9 metres and making your way up to the gorgeous Hanging Garden.
  • Take a deep dive into what our oceans look like, as you explore deep-sea nature and our influence on it at the Sustainability Pavilion Terra.
  • The Expo is held in Dubai, so it's only natural you go for a record-breaking ride on the world’s largest elevator at the Mobility Pavilion.
  • Enter the Expo 2020 Dubai Water Feature surrounded by 14-metre-high walls, where you’ll get to become a part of an exceptional water, light and fire show accompanied by melodies to match the mood. If there's one thing you do during your entire visit, this is it!
  • For an out-of-this-world experience, head to the United States Pavilion to discover the SPACEX rocket along with some moon rocks and the US Mars Rover.
  • For a burst of inspiration, head to the Vision Pavilion to get an understanding of the remarkable transformation of Dubai and a look into what's still in store for the unique metropolis.
  • The best way to wrap up your Expo days is to immerse yourself in the night-time light festival where you get to witness the site take on a whole new look with light installations and amazing projections.

How to Get There?

While Expo 2020 Dubai is definitely more about the destination than the journey, to guarantee you reach the mega-event smoothly, here’s a quick overview of the various options you have to get there.

You can make your way to Expo by car or taxi, by taking the Dubai Metro Red Line to the Expo 2020 station, or by hopping on any of the Expo buses known as ‘Expo Riders’ from 18 different locations across the UAE. By the way, those buses come free of charge for all Expo visitors!

Should you miss an Expo Rider, you can easily get to the event by any of RTA’s standard buses as well.

If you decide to reach the Expo grounds by car, you’ll be happy to know that parking at the site is free of charge.

Whatever option you decide to go for, getting to Expo 2020 Dubai really has been made as simple as possible. Top tip! Just make sure you have your itinerary figured out before choosing which entrance you’re going to use to start your adventure to avoid a long walk to get to the first attraction on your Ultimate Expo Experience list.