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Sunny Days and Sizzling Deals Ahead!

Now, that we’ve made the most of springtime blooms and blossoms, it’s time to get ready for some sun-filled summer months here in Dubai. Luckily, the rising temperatures tend to have quite the melting effect on the prices of exceptional experiences and amazing adventures around the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and we are buzzing with excitement to share all the sizzling deals with you over the upcoming months!

To give you a little taste of what’s to come, our experts have put together a sneak peek of the fun activities and extraordinary escapades you can embark on this summer.

Oh, and in case you’re looking to fill your summer reading list, we’d suggest keeping an eye on our blogs and checking out our social media channels, as we’ll be dropping new deals every week.

Without further ado, here are some of the best things to do this summer in the UAE.

Enjoy Waterparks in Dubai

Keeping things cool by the pool

Hitting up one of the many rip-roaring waterparks is pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to finding ways to spend the hot summer days here in the UAE. What better way to leave the stuffy classroom behind and switch straight to vacation mode than sliding feet-first into a refreshing pool of water!

Whether you’re looking to get your pulse racing by speeding down some of the fastest waterslides in the world, doing a quick balancing act on a surfboard or kicking back under a palm tree on a private beach, Dubai is here to deliver. Those seeking to relax to the max, can opt for a pool pass and forget all their troubles, whilst dipping toes in the water and sipping on refreshing beverages.

In case you want to keep the fun closer to the nature, Dubai boasts numerous amazing beaches ready to woo sun-seekers with thrilling water sports, delightful boat tours and beach promenades decked in world-class cafés, food trucks and restaurants.

Whatever your preference, adding a bit of H2O to your adventures is guaranteed to make this summer a roaring success!

Discovering the desert

Keeping with the ‘sun, sea and sand’ theme, there’s no place like the enthralling desert, along with its endless sand dunes, to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle and remind yourself of the simple things in life. When was the last time you slid down a desert dune with wind in your hair and sand splashing around you? Do you remember taking the time to just sit and admire the magical Arabian sunset over the horizon? An action-packed desert safari will have you ticking all those boxes!

Leave the skyscrapers behind as you add some adventure to your vacay. Feel the thrills as your skilled safari guide drives you down steep dunes, experience true Bedouin life whilst taking your camel for a leisurely stroll, get your hands covered in gorgeous Henna art and indulge in a night filled with delicious dishes and head-spinning entertainment. An authentic desert safari with your loved ones is guaranteed to be the highlight of your summer break.

Little hint – keep your eye out for our summer safari deal that’ll take you from sand to sea and double the fun!

Embark on a desert safari in Dubai
Action awaits at Motiongate Dubai

Escaping reality

With textbooks carefully tucked to the back of the drawer, there’s plenty of time to fill the sunny summer days with various new experiences and explorations. Grab the family, get the camera, and head to one (or two, or three) of the fantastic theme parks in the UAE.

With a number of options to choose from in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there’s a theme park for every adventure-hunter. Head to Dubai Parks and Resorts™ and groove to the tunes of famous Bollywood movies, build your perfect summer break at LEGOLAND® or become a Hollywood star for the day as you hang out with your favourite movie characters at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai.

By the way, they might say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but we have a hunch this summer you might just score one at Dubai Parks and Resorts™!

Whilst on the topic of famous characters, undeniably the most star-filled line-up awaits on the stunning Bluewaters Island. Madame Tussauds Dubai brings you all the biggest celebrities and gives you the chance to snap impeccable selfies with each and every one of them. As a bonus, you can tell your friends how you posed with Posh Spice, shared a quiche with the Queen and jammed with Justin Bieber. Best of all, you’ll have photos to prove it!

Those looking to explore the beautiful capital of the UAE whilst getting their fun fix, should make their way to the magnificent Yas Island Theme Parks. Channel your inner Lewis Hamilton as you dominate the track at Ferrari World, make some waves at Yas Waterworld or become a part of the amazing action at Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi. If you ask us, we’d go for all of the above!

Go with the flow

Once you’ve had your share of adventures, the peaceful Dubai waterways serve as the perfect relaxation station with a side of spectacular views. Why not hire a private yacht to treat your friends or family to a truly luxurious journey across the sparkling waters? Slather on some sunscreen, pack a picnic basket, pick your beats and get ready for an unforgettable day with your crew.

If you prefer a suit to swimwear, a more traditional Arabic experience awaits on a dhow cruise. Sail along the beautiful Dubai canal whilst indulging in a delicious dinner and awe-inspiring views of the city lit up for the night. With quite a few months of summer on our hands, there’s plenty of time to make the most of both of these wonderful experiences.

Regardless of if you favour summer adventures in the climate-controlled indoors or would rather get your fun-fix served out in the elements with a side of vitamin D, the UAE is guaranteed to deliver. To score incredible deals and discounts on your sun-filled fun, keep an eye on our upcoming blogs and socials and check out our special offers page. Trust us – it’ll be worth it!

Go for a dhow dinner cruise

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