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About Dubai

How it started 

What started out as a small fishing village, has now grown into one of the most innovative and unique tourists hot-spots in the world. Being one of the seven emirates making up the UAE, Dubai is a true testament that anything is possible and records are mere benchmarks waiting to be outperformed.  

What you’ll experience 

With inspiration and ambition waiting around every corner, it’s no wonder people from all over the world have decided to make Dubai their home. It’s near impossible to hit the streets of Dubai without being met by cloud-scratching skyscrapers, awe-inspiring architecture, rich culture and tantalizing aromas. Whether you’re on the hunt for out-of-this-world luxury or wanting to experience the authentic Bedouin lifestyle in the secluded desert – Dubai is your one-stop shop to get a taste of it all!  

Best time to visit 

If you’re looking to make the most of Dubai both indoors and outdoors, your best bet is to plan your visit between the months October and April, when the temperatures have cooled down a bit. However, those on the hunt for some amazing deals on hotels and adventures will have their wishes granted during the summer months.  

Who will make the most of it 

Regardless of the purpose of your visit or the number of travel companions, Dubai has something for everyone. Whether you’re a solo traveller looking to get a sense of the local culture, a couple in search of some romance and sunshine, a group of thrill seekers, or a family up for an adventure, Dubai is your answer. 

Best of all — with a little help from My City Expert, you can easily tick off most of your Dubai bucket list even if you only have a long weekend to experience this one-of-a-kind city!